Senior Software Engineer, Auckland, Presto Resourcing Options

Published 2022-08-02
Expires 2022-09-02
ID #1112755916
125000 NZ$
Senior Software Engineer, Auckland, Presto Resourcing Options
New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland,
Published August 2, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Senior software engineer
Min. Salary: 100.000

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Role type: Permanent
Location: Auckland
Job published on: 08 July 2022

Our Client is a design and development company that specialises in creating awesome digital products for our customers who don't have the required expertise in-house. We recognise the best outcome for everyone is reached through mutual respect and collaboration between a customer and our product teams.

You are a software engineer that can work independently and without supervision. You mentor and review the code of apprentice software engineers in your team and contribute to designing technical solutions.


You are independently responsible for the entire lifecycle of projects or features including engineering design, development, and deployment.
You improve code structure and architecture in service of testability and maintainability.
You write, co-write, and review design documentation.
You are highly proficient in one or more technical areas.
You prioritise and value unowned or undesirable work that enables the team to move faster.
You work with your team and adjacent teams to solve problems. Escalates problems that have a wider scope.
You assist and teach other engineers on an individual basis.
You participate in the hiring process (by submitting referrals, meeting candidates, attending recruiting events, presenting externally, or writing blogs for our client).
You conduct engineering interviews
You have spent 5+ years learning how to be a better software engineer
You have spent 2+ years coaching and mentoring your peers
You are considered an expert in at least one database technology and query language
You are experienced in automating unit, integration, and end-to-end tests
You are experienced in automating software deployment pipelines
You are able to communicate complex technical concepts to a diverse audience
Expert in at least one additional programming language
Experienced blogger or public speaker
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    125000 NZ$ / Monthly

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    Presto Resourcing Options
    Registered on October 7, 2017


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