Agile Coach - Expression Of Interest, Auckland, Epic Agile

Published 2022-09-24
Expires 2022-10-24
ID #1182849569
150 NZ$
Agile Coach - Expression Of Interest, Auckland, Epic Agile
New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland,
Published September 24, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Agile coach - expression of interest
Min. Salary: 125.000

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EPiC is more than just our company name - it is the values that we live and breathe every day. Empathy, Passion, Integrity, and Community is what we’re all about. Right from the outset EPiCs founders wanted to create a home for amazing, passionate people who wanted to do good in the world, which is why we’re continually on the search for new EPiCa’s to join our community.

We are a practitioner-led Business Agility and Lean-Agile Transformation Consultancy. We coach at all levels of a business to inject lean start-up culture into the enterprise, creating amazing workplaces that people love! Our customer portfolio includes large-scale household names and smaller/leaner organisations throughout Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Why EPiC?

You will be part of an amazing community of practitioners that gives you an unrivaled environment to learn and develop your career

We operate an accredited training business and invest in further professional development/training for both contract and permanent staff members

Weekly team breakfast and regular team lunches/dinners/drinks

We encourage our team members to work with people across all regions

We love to laugh! - be prepared for daily team banter via SLACK

We refill our cups in many ways and value supporting each other through regular connections from tribe social events; chapter meetings; weekly knowledge-sharing brown bags; and international offsites

Our clients tell us often they can really feel the difference when an EPiCa helps them to create positive change that produces a meaningful impact on our client's and their customer's lives

We are Agile specialists who use our knowledge and expertise to co-create our own playbooks and ways of working.

We practice what we preach #GPTWcertified

Building amazing places to work is not just something we do for our clients.

It’s something we invest in for ourselves. We are proudly certified as a Great Place to Work 2022/23!

We are deliberately different

We are a tribe of deep Agile specialists and we don’t ‘body shop’!

We invite and offer constructive feedback when we see another EPiCa in action

We celebrate wins AND fail’YAYs

When we have the time, we like to come together and collaborate on ideas

We work together because we want to deliver real outcomes for our clients

We work together because we want to make a positive impact on people’s lives

We work together... because we love working together!

What you bring...

You want to be part of an awesome, high-performance team

You have a need to help others experience the professional life-changing experience that Agile offers

You thrive on experimentation

You are comfortable in your own skin and bring your full authentic self to every situation

You will have a minimum of 2 years of experience as an agilest

You are certified in one or more agile frameworks

You are agnostic with your approach and are able to choose from multiple frameworks because you're not an agile purist, you're a pragmatist

You can lead, teach, show, mentor, advise and support people through their own agile journey

You bring an open mind and are coachable

Demonstrated ability to enable change at either the individual, team, or organisational level

A desire to care, connect with and support others - it’s at the core of who we are

At EPiC, we are committed to creating an awesome, inclusive culture, where you will be able to thrive. Coming to work each day should be filled with excitement as no two days will be the same. Too often people are not inspired to come to work, our mission is to change that!

If you’re an awesome human and want to be part of our amazing tribe, we’d love to hear from you!

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