Army Officer, Wellington

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Army Officer, Wellington
New Zealand, Wellington, Wellington,
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About the role

Career progression and training

Salary and benefits

Entry requirements
You are a leader in the Army; you are tasked with planning and executing Operations in difficult situations. Take command of soldiers, equip yourself to lead and inspire others to bring out the best in themselves.

Linton, Burnham, Trentham, Wellington, Papakura and Waiouru.
Upcoming Intake
15 January, 2023
About the role

Officers are the leaders of the New Zealand Army. They are the managers and strategists. Their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities enable them to plan and execute tasks in wide-ranging conditions. It is their job to earn trust and respect, and to display the strength of character to inspire their soldiers in potentially difficult situations.
After completing Officer training, you will join a corps, specialising in combat, engineering, intelligence, communications or logistics.
Job on base

Job on deployment

Training as an Officer is a 12 month course, conducted in Waiouru at Officer Cadet School. It’s a very intense course, really pushing you to your limits and beyond.
Kimberley. A Real New Zealand Soldier's Story
As you continue in the organisation, you will move between your primary specialty and into areas such as capability, project management (procurement of Army equipment), Human Resource Management and Training and Development.
Salary and benefits

Careers in the Army are well-rewarded, diverse and exciting. As you become more experienced and move up through the ranks, gaining additional skills and qualifications, your salary will rise accordingly.



Higher Rank
Military Factor

All full time members of the NZ Defence Force receive an added portion to their salary known as Military Factor. This additional compensation recognises the unique nature of military service and the commitment you make to serve your country. This can include short notice postings around the country and overseas. You will be directed at times to be continuously alert, undertake arduous and hazardous duties, and be exposed to adverse working environments exclusive to military life. This also includes the exercise of military skills not recognised by market comparisons. The part you play in our Defence Force and your commitment to our country will be financially rewarded.
Free medical and dental

5 weeks annual leave

Access to additional compensation and housing allowances

Sponsored tertiary study programmes at all levels

Defence discounts at selected stores and services

Entry requirements



Fitness and Medical

Period of Service

You must be at least 17.5 years of age when you apply or older
Meet the citizenship and security requirements to gain SV security clearance for this trade.
You should be self-motivated and display leadership potential
While we accept school leavers, we would prefer people who may have a bit of life experience and possibly some tertiary education. There are some tertiary scholarship opportunities

for school leavers who have achieved well at school and are interested in engineering. All Officers will have the opportunity to pursue further study as you progress through your career.
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Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Army officer

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