Your Mobile Vet - Companion Animal Veterinarian - Auckland, Auckland

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Your Mobile Vet - Companion Animal Veterinarian - Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland,
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Companion Animal Veterinarian

Many veterinarians in practice experience the high efficiency corporate model which is good for optimising number of animals seen per veterinarian per hour; often involving long shifts and production line vetting. Busy, busy, busy.
At Your Mobile Vet we prefer to make a lifestyle choice by working normal hours to help a smaller number of animals and their humans. Because we make bookings in advance there is increased predictability and flexibility, and we can rearrange calls to suit work and non-work appointments as needed. Less walk ins (they have to find us first!) and less overbooking (we need to allow for travel time and distance etc). Inbuilt admin and down time to de-stress between calls.
Your Mobile Vet recruiting goals:
Make a sustainable veterinary business model measured over the long term.
Alleviate some of the factors that contribute to compassion fatigue.
Create a supportive and caring work culture.
Do a good job, look after each other and look after the clients and pets as best as we are able.
Get paid more per animal seen and work done (i.e., low case numbers, better service) using a fair and open pay schedule based on 30-35% of professional fees plus an experience weighted retainer to cover admin and downtime. Alternatively for recent graduates we offer a club scale appropriate training salary to put the focus on learning and veterinary medicine rather than finances.
Provide a clear progression pathway for individuality and independence (personally and professionally) in business and outside of the business. Easily modular and scalable model. Make a bigger and happier workplace for everyone.
Less time stress – no more 15-minute double bookings! It is easier to do a good job when not rushing – base consults are normally booked for 30 minutes plus travel, routine surgeries 2-3 hours.
We normally work on a 1:1 veterinarian:veterinary nurse ratio and as such able to treat all the things you would expect to be able to do in a general small animal practice. Consults, imaging, desexing, dental, soft tissue surgery etc.
Smooth and outstanding surgery patient wake up and recovery – as soon as they are awake enough to realise, they are at home they relax!
Access to all the normal monitoring and diagnostic equipment and facilities such as x-rays, ultrasounds, dental carts, anaesthetic machines, bloods to Gribbles etc.


Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Your mobile vet - companion animal veterinarian - auckland

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