Judicial Support Manager

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Judicial Support Manager
New Zealand, Wellington, Wellington,
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Judicial Support Manager | Wellington City Judicial Support Manager Employment Court at Wellington Te Haeata/The Opportunity We are looking for a talented people leader and skilled administrator.

This new position will work closely with the Chief Employment Court Judge and other Employment Court Judges and form part of the Employment Court and Environment Court leadership team.

The legal and administrative support provided to the Employment Court has recently undergone change.

A new central Employment Court Registry and a national judicial support team have been established.

The purpose of the Judicial Support Manager role is to provide high level administrative support for the office of the Chief Employment Court Judge and provide leadership and oversight of the Employment Court Law Clerks and Judges Assistants - the judicial support team.

The role will prioritize the chambers workload in consultation with the Employment Court Judges, monitor the quality and consistency of output and provide professional development for the judicial support team.

The role will provide oversight and support in leading a range of judicial administrative tasks which fall to the Chief Employment Court Judge as head of bench and in the exercise of statutory obligations.

Your day-to-day work will include: Judicial office Leadership of Judicial office initiatives and projects Facilitating the judicial response to cross bench initiatives Preparation of briefing papers for meetings attended by the Chief Employment Court Judge.

Oversight of new Employment Court Judge induction and maintence of chambers documentation and training material.

Support for the delivery of the Employment Court's Judicial Education programme.

Maintenance of effective relationships at a head of bench administrative level across benches as required.

Providing robust and high-quality advice and support to the Chief Employment Court Judge and other judges as required.

Judicial Support team Provision of strong and visible leadership.

Monitoring performance, communicating clear, measurable, challenging and achievable performance goals and ensuring these are met.

Leading and reinforcing a strong accountability culture which recognizes the importance of coaching and people growth.

Create a culture that drives a national approach to service delivery and a high level of performance.

Good understanding and knowledge of court operations and processes.

Previous experience in managing performance and developing the capability of employees.

Have good administrative/technical skills to work at a high level of accomplishment.

Good strategic and critical thinking skills.

Ability to read, understand and interpret complex documents, including legislation, financial, numerical and business information.

Well-developed verbal and written communication skills.

Good interpersonal skills and experience in managing diverse relationships and building rapport with peers.

Education/Professional qualifications and technical skills Tertiary degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent experience.

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The appointing salary for this role will be between $97,208 and $135,539 based on skills and experience.

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Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Judicial support manager

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