Nurse Practitioner - Full Time, Balclutha, Clutha Health First

Published 2022-06-30
Expires 2022-07-30
ID #1066578858
Nurse Practitioner - Full Time, Balclutha, Clutha Health First
New Zealand, Otago, Balclutha,
Published June 30, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Nurse practitioner - full time

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Clutha Health First recognises the special relationship between Maori and the Crown and has an
understanding of the articles/principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
As an employee you will be required to develop an understanding of the cultural concepts, values
and tikanga that might affect the well being of Maori patients.

Health and Safety
Clutha Health First is committed to achieving the highest level of health and safety for its staff. All
employees are expected to take initiative and identify, report and resolve issues that may cause
harm to themselves or others in the organisation. As an employee Clutha Health First, the health
and safety of clients, patients and colleagues, as well as your own, are your responsibility. You
are expected to work safely at all times, and to actively participate in the health and safety
programs. It is expected that you will report all accidents or potential hazards to your manager.
To participate in and comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act
1992 plus amendments and associated CHF procedures.
Work practices ensure safety for self and others
Advice or assistance is sought before commencing an unfamiliar work practice
Hazards are identified, control plans documented, hazards eliminated, minimised or isolated.
Comply with Clutha Health First incident reporting and Health & Safety policy
Emergency management procedures and compulsory/compliance education and training


Quality and Risk
Clutha Health First is committed to continuous quality improvement. Our focus is to improve our
practice and the quality of care received by patients. Our goal is to embed continuous
improvement in our daily activities, by focusing on improving systems and processes, enhancing
our communication with other health providers and increasing consumer involvement.

Purpose of the Position
To provide advanced clinical expertise and leadership in order to enhance patient treatment and
care planning in South Otago for Clutha Health First patients within the area. This is provided
within an interdisciplinary model that best meets the patient requirements and is in line with the
vision and values of Clutha Health First.

Note: This job description has been prepared to assist in appointment. All Clutha Health First

descriptions are subject to review from time to time and therefore may be revised after
consultation with the employee to suit changing service requirements.

Nurse Practitioner

Nature of Scope and Responsibilities

Accountabilities and Performance Measures

Accountabilities Performance Measures
Clinical Practice
Establishes and promotes
effective models of care
Demonstrates effective clinical management of Primary Care
patients within scope of practise
Utilises current research and evidence-based, advanced holistic
assessment and diagnostic reasoning to form sound
professional judgements in practice and consults as required.
Uses knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology, and
advanced holistic clinical assessment skills to perform
diagnoses and to plan care
Orders and interprets appropriate diagnostic and laboratory
tests and explains the necessity, preparation, nature and
anticipated effects of procedure(s) to patients, patient’s family,
staff, and other members of the health care team
Effectively manages own caseload and utilises robust time
management strategies to ensure patients are seen within their
appointment time slots
Perform therapeutic or diagnostic procedures based upon
patient’s clinical status and documents the patients response to
the procedure(s)
Ensures timely referral to other specialty services where
required ensuring documentation meets expected standards
Triages and allocate patients appropriately and in a timely
Liaises with external services, e.g. St Johns Ambulance Service
and advise on the appropriate disposition of patients being
referred to primary care
Participates and engages in peer review meetings
Upholds the Treaty of Waitangi and cultural safety in nursing
Identifies educational needs of the patient, patient’s family and
nursing staff and participates in teaching opportunities.
Maintains and supports expertise in nursing practice
Advocates on behalf of patient/family/ colleagues as appropriate
Assists the interdisciplinary team with decision-making related to
medico-legal and ethical issues
Innovative approaches are utilised as necessary to meet client
Clinical Leadership and

Demonstrates effective clinical
leadership and consultancy

Provides expert advice

Takes a leadership role in complex clinical Primary Care
situations across settings and disciplines and follows through
with required change to systems and processes as necessary
Is recognised as an authority on Primary Care practices locally
and nationally
Represents CHF at the local and national level where required
as an ambassador the role of NP within primary care
Acts as a mentor to nursing staff engaging in the nurse
practitioner training programme
Collaborates and leads effectively within the multidisciplinary
Briefs CD/Team Leaderand colleagues on relevant trends and
Demonstrates skilled mentoring/ coaching and teaching

Acts as a consultant for Primary Careand management within
the scope of practice
Recommends appropriate Primary care products
Acts a specialty consultant nationally and internationally

Nurse Practitioner

Inter-professional health care

Conducts and/or participates in
relevant research

Develops and influences
health/socio-economic policies
and nursing practice at a local,
national and international level

Develops self and others
Promotes nursing contribution to health care
Collaborates across the care continuum with relevant
multidisciplinary and intersectoral groups to take a co-ordinated
and evaluative approach to care delivery

Relevant nursing and related research is critiqued and reflected
in education and practice
Presents and publishes research which challenges practice at
local, national and international level
Contributes to policy development related to Primary Care
locally and contributes nationally
Represents nursing at a strategic level in planning

Performance management is regularly undertaken and feed
back is utilised
Conducts and documents regular case review

Nursing Practice
Development/Quality Activities

Works with nursing staff to
continuously improve nursing
practice and patient outcomes in
all areas related to Primary Care

Reflects and critiques the practice
of others
Actively manages risk

Participates in relevant education programmes and
improvement projects
Continuously improves care processes to improve patient
outcomes and documents
Champions quality improvement methodology with a focus on
high standards of care
Aligns with CHF strategic direction as outlined in the
organisational Strategic Plan
Participates in peer review, case review and debriefing activities

Provides expert advice to investigations, assessment of
practice and reviews outcomes. Collaborates on changes to
practice and follows up required

Health & Safety: Recognises
individual responsibility for
workplace Health & Safety
under the Health and Safety
Act 1992
Contributing to the identification of specifications, trials and
purchase of new equipment
Contributing to the identification of possible research/quality
projects and participate in the development, implementation
and feedback
Contributing to the development and reviewing of standards of
practice, protocols and policies
Works with the Quality Coordinator to facilitate event meetings
designed to promote quality improvement and compliance in
the General Practice
Non Management roles:
Clutha Health First Health and Safety policies are read and
understood and relevant procedures applied to own work
Workplace hazards are identified and reported including self-
management of hazards where appropriate
Can identify Health and Safety representative for area
Cultural Safety: Honouring
Cultural Diversity
Actively demonstrates
commitment to the Treaty of
Waitangi principles

Respect, sensitivity, cultural awareness is evident in
interpersonal relationships.
Our cultural differences are acknowledged by respecting
spiritual beliefs, cultural practices and lifestyle choices.
Demonstrates commitment to the Clutha Health First Tikanga
Best Practice programme

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