Senior Reaction Wheel Engineer, Auckland

Last update 2024-07-18
Expires 2024-08-18
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Senior Reaction Wheel Engineer, Auckland
New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland,
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Senior Reaction Wheel Engineer

As a Senior Reaction Wheel Engineer at Rocket Lab, you will be required to work on projects to develop new space components that support the company evolution from a launch provider to an end-to-end space solutions company.

Rocket Lab is currently combining manufacturing capabilities and innovative technologies to make world-leading satellite hardware accessible to more customers, in a high growth industry.

We are looking for someone with expertise in satellite reaction wheels, momentum wheels, or control-moment gyros.

This position will work closely and develop strong relationships with a variety of different Engineers, Technicians, and subject matter experts across a range of departments to enable the manufacturing and testing of new reaction wheels designs.


Technical Knowledge • Uses technical expertise to define standard of excellence for his/her team
• Consistently identifies the right/best solution when faced with an engineering challenge
• Can navigate and complete tasks within their technical system as well as related technical systems
• Coaches others in best practice for pertinent technical system

Documentation • Can create a technical document pertinent to their role/expertise
• Can approve and provide feedback and improvements on technical documents pertinent to their role/expertise
• Steers development or improves the standard of their pertinent technical documents

Project Management • Identifies additional projects and distributes to team members
• Sets group/business priority
• Continuously delivers on-time
• Over-achieves initial goals through technical expertise
• Adjusts and refines scope of projects to align with company priorities and objectives

Risk Based Decision Making • Correctly assesses risk before it happens and puts measures in place to mitigate
• Verifies long-term mitigations are effective so that future product is not impacted

Ownership • Will take the lead to any problem which can't be resolved by peers, regardless of process, without being asked, and deliver results
• Can coach others in problem solution effectiveness

Applied Business Solutions • Able to identify engineering challenges, provide feedback, and
• implement a solution to improve cost, quality, reliability, and/or delivery before it happens
• Verifies that solutions are successful and communicates learning about effectiveness

Strategic Planning • Can create a personal strategic plan/AOP without supervision or steering
• Can create or steer technical department and business goals/objectives
• Adjusts and refines as business evolves

Attitude • Positive attitude
• Approachable
• Consistently demonstrates "How can I help?" mentality
• No task is beneath them
• Sees challenges as motivation; does not get discouraged or demotivated by tough situations and problems
• Continually raises the ceiling/moves the standard of excellence up to continually keep the team developing

Communication • Able to communicate with peers, subordinates, and superiors
• Ensures meetings stay on track and constantly steer meetings to increase value add
• Concisely and accurately conveys technical information to steer actions
• Educates other engineers in technical areas to improve
• competency
• Can create presentations, metrics, and emails that concisely highlight information and steer team on biggest areas of impact

Flexibility • Capable of developing criteria for acceptable level of cross-training and improving training processes and procedures
• Capable of being deputy for lead or manager with minimal supervision for a given timeframe

Professionalism • Punctual
• Adheres to company policies and standards
• Able to coach on appropriate professional behaviour

Debate and Logical Skills • Can listen and internalize all sides of the discussion
• Offers additional information, viewpoints, and insight during discussions
• Use logical reasoning to progress debates
• Willing to listen and change beliefs when challenged
• Capable of "tie-breaking" through technical expertise or background

Health and Safety • Ensure health and safety policies and standard operating procedures are followed
• Correct PPE is worn in designated areas
• Report near-misses and incidents promptly

Other • Domestic and international travel may be required
• Additional duties as reasonably required
• Adheres to company policies and procedures

Role Specific Deliverables/Outcomes
Role Specific Task 1 • Lead design of new RWA products for satellite constellations

Skills and Experience

Essential • Proven experience in the design and manufacture of satellite reaction wheels, momentum wheels, or control-moment gyros

Desirable • Vacuum tribology
• Microvibration measurement and mitigation
• Rotor balancing
• Rolling bearing analysis
• Magnetics design
• Brushless motor drive circuits
• Electronics for space environment
• Control systems and estimators
• Failure investigation and root cause analysis


Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Senior reaction wheel engineer

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